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When faced with a situation that cannot be changed you have a chance to change yourself
About Licensed Counselor Marion Barnett, MFT
Marion Barnett - MFTMy name is Marion Barnett and I am a licensed psychotherapist (MFT) offering individual, couples and family counseling services to the Marin County community.

My office is conveniently located on 905 Sir Francis Drake Blvd in Kentfield, about 2 miles from 101.

I received my Masters Degree in Integral Counseling Psychology at the Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. After a career in the business world, I turned my attention to the elements of my work that moved and motivated me to be of service. From my experience in the business world and my training and experience as a therapist, I have formed a philosophy of how I work with my clients. The most important piece of my work is the understanding that a client deserves to be deeply respected and heard. When a client feels authentically listened to and understood the work of unraveling the current difficulties can begin to take shape and get clarified.

Each of us develops stories about our lives. These stories come from our experiences in our childhood. Many times those stories are not true yet because we believe these stories they can cause us great distress and emotional pain.  As we come to understand how those stories began we can gain clarity about who we really are-that we really are ok the way we are. We have the ability to change the way we think about the difficult issues we are facing. For the last 18 years I have worked successfully with clients in resolving difficult and painful issues by assisting my clients in unraveling their stories that cause them pain, teaching  effective coping strategies and encouraging the use of one's own strengths and gifts.

If you are suffering with:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Weight issues and weight loss surgery
  • Chronic and acute physical illness
  • Difficult transitions
  • Loss  
  • Past and current trauma
  • Workplace stress

My office is located at: 905 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Suite F in Kentfield.
Contact me at 415-464-0531