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When faced with a situation that cannot be changed you have a chance to change yourself
Anxiety Therapy
Help for AnxietyAre you experiencing sleeplessness, fears about the future, changes in eating habits, difficulty concentrating and irritability, feeling worried all the time, feeling on edge?

Do you feel a sense of dread? Are your relationships suffering?

Ongoing brain research has been able to show us definitively that during stressful times our brains actually change. It is because of these changes we cannot perform or function optimally. You can learn new ways of thinking that can assist you regain a sense of calm and control in your life by lowering your stress levels and thus allowing your brain to function effectively.

In our work together I will assist you in identifying and changing your negative thought patterns. I often combine this with relaxing guided imagery and breathing techniques that can immediately assist you in the midst of an anxiety or panic attack.   Negative thoughts are very powerful and effect how you approach stressful times. By identifying these patterns and shifting your thinking, you can begin to feel more in control.

I am a licensed therapist (MFT) and provide compassionate and effective anxiety therapy through my private counseling practice located in Marin County.

Contact me at 415-464-0531 to begin now changing your life.