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When faced with a situation that cannot be changed you have a chance to change yourself
Depression Treatment through Individual Counseling Sessions
Do you have a  loss of interest in activities? Are you sleeping more or less than normal? Are you feeling isolated or alienated from your friends and family? Are you eating too much or not at all? Are you looking at life negatively, always seeing the future as negative?  These are common symptoms of a depression. There are many reasons why you may get depressed. In fact, most of us have suffered from depression at some time in our lives.

Through a careful examination of how you have been able to get through difficult times in the  past, I can assist you in clarifying overwhelming issues and give you the support you deserve to find more effective coping skills. I assist you in reframing how you think about what is going on in your life and move forward in your life. There is a Buddhist saying, "What you think you become, everything starts with your thoughts." We all have occasional negative thoughts but when negative thinking takes over your life it can often spiral into a deep depression.  We work together in lessening the negative thinking through doable "thought tools" that are quite effective in decreasing the amount and intensity of negative thinking.

I provide compassionate and supportive treatment for depression.  For some people medication is needed to "jump start" a particularly severe depression.  I will work closely with your DR. in those cases.

Marion Barnett, Help for Depression

Marion Barnett, Help for Depression

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