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Frequently Asked Questions about Psychotherapy
I have seen psychotherapists in the past and they didn't help me. How do I know you can help me?
This is the most frequent question and comment I hear from clients. Just knowing what did not work for you in the past assists me in meeting your needs in our work together. One of the first things we do together is talk about aspects of any past psychotherapy experience that you have not found helpful and any aspects you may have found helpful. We explore together what your goals are in our current work together. Often a person might be so anxious, overwhelmed or depressed they cannot articulate their goals. We then work together so you may feel clearer about what you are hoping for during our time together.

How do I know if I am seeing the "right" psychotherapist?
First and foremost you should feel comfortable and not judged when you work with a therapist. It may take a while to trust a new therapist but if you feel comfortable with them and you feel heard by them this is a good start. I recommend that before seeing a new therapist you give some thought to the most important thing you want to get out of the therapy and you share this with your therapist in the first session. If you don't know exactly what you want out of therapy, and this is quite common, I would recommend you say this to the counselor so you can assistance with identifying and clarifying your goals.

What kind of clients do you see?
I work with individuals, couples and families. My practice is devoted to working with people who are experiencing difficult life transitions, INCLUDING LOSS, DIVORCE, JOB LOSS, MARITAL ISSUES, INDIVIDUALS WITH ONGOING medical conditions. Please see my web pages on depression, anxiety, and marriage and family counseling describing my work in greater detail.

What's an MFT?
As a Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT) I am licensed by the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences. Obtaining an MFT license in California requires completion of a Master's degree, 3,000 hours of supervised experience, and passing two rigorous exams. MFTs provide counseling services to individuals, families and couples. I am trained to assist individuals, couples, and families.

Do you take insurance?
I take some insurance. Most PPO plans reimburse members for services from 'out of network' providers. I will be happy to work with you regarding getting reimbursement from your insurance company.

Contact me at or 415-464-0531 with any questions. I will be sure to return your call prompty.