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When faced with a situation that cannot be changed you have a chance to change yourself
Marriage and Family Counseling Services for Marin County
As a Marriage and Family Counselor I work with all partnerships. I meet you where you are. If you come to my office and your marriage is in trouble, I will help you clarify the map of your current life situation. It is you who will dictate the destination.

Often when we are stuck in a negative and unsuccessful dynamic with our partner we can feel frustrated, angry, sad and blaming.  I will assist you both in breaking that negative cycle so you both can get the love and support you both want and deserve. I utilize the techniques of John Gottman. This is a common sense approach that touches on core issues of our relationships.

I provide a neutral caring and compassionate voice to issues relating to couples and families. When you come to my office you should feel that I am not favoring one person over another. This is a frequent complaint I hear from couples for whom couples counseling has not worked in the past. Each person will feel heard.

Contact me at 415-464-0531