Present Life Counseling of Marin

When faced with a situation that cannot be changed you have a chance to change yourself

Video Counseling

Now you can receive the assistance that you need without having to leave your home.  There are many reasons a person might choose video or web counseling.

*Many of my clients are so busy in their lives they find it easier to go online for a video session.

*Some of my clients are experiencing medical issues that may make it very difficult to come to any therapist’s office.

*Many of my online clients have young children and find it easier to set them up playing in the other room that finding a babysitter. 

Whatever the reason you can get the help you need with video sessions.  My video clients have found online sessions very effective.  If you are depressed, anxious, have panic attacks I can help.  The sessions are totally confidential and many insurance plans will cover online counseling. offers a confidential platform for us to work together.  
Please call me at 415-464-0531 to talk more about this option and see if it might be a fit for you.